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A creative agency that helps organizations sell tickets, raise funds, build brand awareness and create unforgettable experiences using data-driven entertainment strategies.

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Our Story

With 40 years in the entertainment industry, we are a creative talent agency that collaborates with our clients to produce headline entertainment for corporate events, private parties, fundraisers, public concerts, and festivals worldwide.

Why Us?

As Casting Directors, we treat every event like a blockbuster film, meticulously matching the perfect individuals with the ideal organizations to create unforgettable experiences. With a track record of working on productions nominated for and winning Academy Awards®, Golden Globes®, Tony®, Emmy®, and Grammy® Awards, our expertise ensures a star-studded success every time.

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Producing the perfect entertainer is the difference between a successful event and an unforgettable one. From Elton John, to Taylor Swift, to John Legend to an extraordinary corporate band, that will create a night they will always remember and an event they will never forget.


Carefully crafted conversations you’ve never heard from the true masters of our world. From Academy Award-winning actors to world leaders, to Grammy-winning musicians, and ground-breaking athletes, revealing the greatest lessons they've learned along their way. From their successes to their failures, to their heartbreaks, gain unprecedented access into the brilliant minds of the famous people we love, respect, and admire.

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We Aim to Return Our Clients’ Investment x5

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40 Yrs

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All Press Is Good Press 
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Aw Shucks, It Was Our Pleasure!

“Our team has pictures of our event posted all over the office. Thank you for your professionalism and thoughtful execution. An extraordinary event we will never forget.” - Xerox

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