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How does it work?

What information do I need to hire talent?

1. The type of talent, (singer, keynote speaker, television or movie star)
2. The type of event (gala, conference, black tie event, customer appreciation)
3. The number of attendees
4. The name and location of the venue
5. Your event demographics
6. Past speakers or celebrities
7. The theme and goals of your event

Talent Options

We provide elite corporate entertainment to companies across the globe. Whether you want a celebrity to give a world-class keynote speech, a musical icon to perform at your awards ceremony, or a Broadway star to meet and greet potential clients; Celebrities Unlimited will create the perfect experience for your event.

Talent agency vs casting agency

Talent agents work for the talent. Casting agency work for you, the client.


Celebrities and their agents pride themselves on remaining unattainable. As a television, film and Broadway casting agency, when we call, they answer.

Discounted Fees

Talent reps will quote extreme fees to the general public. With over 30 years of industry experience we know how to negotiate the best deal. Our volume buying ensures discounted pricing that is not available to the public.


Though every celebrity has a specific price based on the event, we work through all fees before decisions are made and contracts are issued.

• $25k+ TV personalities, reality TV stars, sports legends, aspiring singers, instrumental groups.
• $25k+ Celebrity chefs.
• $75k – $250k Well known actors and top TV personalities.
• $250k Chart busting pop and rock bands, classical music stars, on-trend Hollywood actors.
• $500k Most A-list celebrities, top-billing musicians and groups as well as international sports stars.
• $1 million + Famous A-list celebrities and music superstars

Retainer Agreement

Celebrities Unlimited works for free until your deal is closed. Like a real estate agent, an exclusive retainer agreement is required before we can share our intellectual property, industry contacts and proprietary casting process.

Our Fee

Our fee is commission based, which is determined by the cost and the details of your event.


Celebrities Unlimited will arrange travel, accommodations and all contractual, performance and hospitality rider obligations.


If requested, our production partners will provide lights, sounds, technical & instrumental

Event Management

Celebrities Unlimited provides on-site talent management during your event’s set-up, technical rehearsals, and performance to ensure a seamless and successful event.

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