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Shania Twain Can For Charity!

Shania Twain Kids Can charity galas non profit

Renowned as the international sweetheart and the reigning Queen of Country Pop, Shania Twain's life wasn't always glittering with stardom. In fact, much of her childhood was spent navigating the challenges of a dysfunctional family. Concealing the imperfections behind a facade became a norm for her, facing days of hunger, embarrassment, and the absence of basic necessities. However, amid these struggles, Shania made a solemn vow that if she ever achieved success, she would ensure that children facing similar hardships would receive the support she desperately needed as a child. Today, years later, she is steadfastly honoring that promise.

Shania's Humble Beginnings

In a heartfelt letter sharing her personal journey, Shania reveals the stark contrast between her school experience and that of her peers. While her classmates enjoyed clean clothes, hot baths, and nutritious packed lunches, Shania faced the daily challenge of navigating a world of neglect and insecurity. Unable to secure parental signatures for school forms, she grappled with feelings of isolation and withdrew from both academic and social aspects of her life.

Reflecting on her past, Shania envisions how a program like Shania Kids Can (SKC) could have reshaped her childhood narrative. The presence of compassionate and empathetic support, akin to SKC Program Leaders, could have provided a sanctuary during challenging times, fostering a sense of security that she sorely lacked.

A Champion for Underprivileged Youth

Shania's commitment to supporting underprivileged youth predates the establishment of Shania Kids Can. In 1996, she donated all Canadian profits from her single "God Bless the Child" to the Canadian Living Breakfast for Learning program and directed US profits to the Feeding America food banks. Her advocacy extended to supporting nutrition programs in Timmins and Dwight, Ontario, laying the foundation for what later became Shania Kids Can in 2010.

Shania Kids Can

Nurturing Change Shania Kids Can strives to bring positive change to the lives of children facing crisis and economic hardship. Collaborating with elementary schools across North America, SKC delivers wrap-around services by qualified professionals to vulnerable children. These services include one-on-one consultations, academic support, group activities, and nutritious snacks, all within the secure and confidence-building environment of the SKC Clubhouse. The program equips children with coping skills to overcome family challenges, subsequently enhancing their academic success.

“I feel luck saved me from falling through the cracks as a child and believe it’s neither wise nor fair to leave the destiny of any child to luck.” —Shania Twain"


Beyond positively impacting the children involved, Shania Kids Can plays a pivotal role in improving the overall school community. The program contributes to increased school performance, better integration, and aids teachers and parents alike by enhancing psychological, academic, and attention capacities. This holistic approach fosters a positive cycle that reduces social problems and costs as these children transition to adulthood.

Shania's Fulfillment of a Promise Shania Twain has surpassed the promise she made to herself. The Shania Kids Can Clubhouse serves as a lifeline for at-risk youth, yielding impressive results in mental and physical health, as well as academic performance, year after year, as attested by Sandy MacNevin, SKC Managing Director.

Charity Starts At Home

Amid COVID-19 Acknowledging the stress faced by children and families during COVID-19, Shania Kids Can adapts to an online support model. Program Leaders connect virtually with students and families, providing online support and creative ways to keep children connected. Recognizing financial challenges, SKC offers direct support to families within their network.

Shania's Ongoing Contributions Amidst the global pandemic, Shania Twain continues to make a positive impact. Engaging virtually with fans, she performed in Canada Together: In Concert, donating proceeds to Food Banks Canada and the Unison Benevolent Fund. Her Las Vegas Residency, "Shania Twain Let’s Go!," not only entertained sold-out crowds but also boosted SKC fundraising, with donations from Shania, Live Nation Las Vegas, and Caesars Entertainment.

Closing with Optimism

Ever the optimist, Shania shares a message of hope and positivity, urging everyone to stay strong during challenging times. Her resilience and dedication to supporting those in need exemplify a spirit that transcends the stage.

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