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Meet the Maestros Redefining Remote and Distributed Work

Remote and distributed work experts and keynote speakers

Dive headfirst into the dynamic evolution of work where the conventional office setup is giving way to a transformative wave of remote and distributed operations. Imagine a workplace where geographic boundaries dissolve, and productivity knows no physical constraints. At the forefront of this revolution are experts in remote and distributed work, orchestrating a paradigm shift that promises unprecedented flexibility and global collaboration. Bringing these pioneers into your organization isn't just a choice; it's a strategic plunge into a future where innovation and efficiency reign supreme. Get ready to redefine work as we know it!

Matt Mullenweg Remote and distributed work experts and keynote speakers

Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg is the co-founder of WordPress, the popular open-source content management system. He is also the CEO of Automattic, the company behind and other web development tools. Mullenweg is a strong advocate for remote work and has built a successful distributed company with employees working from all over the world. As a keynote speaker, he shares his insights on remote work, productivity, and building a remote-first culture.

Lisette Sutherland Remote and distributed work experts and keynote speakers

Lisette Sutherland

Lisette Sutherland is a remote work expert and the author of "Work Together Anywhere: A Handbook on Working Remotely." She is the co-founder of Collaboration Superpowers, a company that helps organizations work remotely effectively. Sutherland has extensive experience in remote team management and communication strategies. As a speaker, she provides practical tips and strategies for successful remote collaboration and building high-performing remote teams.

Darren Murph Remote and distributed work expert and keynote speaker

Darren Murph

 Darren Murph is the Head of Remote at GitLab, a fully remote company with over 1,300 employees. He is a thought leader in remote work and has written extensively on the subject. Murph is passionate about creating a remote-first culture and believes in the power of asynchronous communication. As a keynote speaker, he shares his experiences and insights on remote work, leadership, and building a strong remote company culture.

Laurel Farrer remote and distributed work experts and keynote speakers

Laurel Farrer

Laurel Farrer is a remote work strategist and the founder of Distribute Consulting. She helps organizations transition to remote work and optimize their remote operations. Farrer has worked with companies of all sizes and industries, providing guidance on remote work policies, tools, and best practices. As a speaker, she educates audiences on the benefits and challenges of remote work and offers practical strategies for successful remote team management.

Chris Herd remote and distributed work experts and keynote speakers

Chris Herd

Chris Herd is the CEO and founder of Firstbase, a company that helps remote teams set up and manage their physical workspaces. He is a remote work advocate and has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by remote workers. Herd is a sought-after speaker who shares his insights on remote work infrastructure, employee well-being, and creating a productive remote work environment.

Sara Sutton remote and distributed work experts and keynote speakers

Sara Sutton

Sara Sutton is the CEO and founder of FlexJobs, a leading job search platform for remote and flexible work. She is a pioneer in the remote work industry and has been advocating for flexible work options for over a decade. Sutton is a vocal advocate for work-life balance and the benefits of remote work for both employees and employers. As a keynote speaker, she shares her expertise on remote work trends, job market insights, and the future of work.

Let these speakers guide your team through the intricacies of virtual collaboration. Seize the opportunity—bring Remote and Distributed Work to your next event, transforming your organization and diving headfirst into the future of work!


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