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5 'Must-Haves' Before Booking Speakers & Entertainment

5 'Must-Haves' Before Booking Speakers & Entertainment

Do you need to book top-tier speakers and entertainers but don't know where to begin? Below we unveil the secrets to crafting unforgettable experiences that will leave your audience breathless and craving more! From mastering the art of budgeting to securing top-tier talent, every detail is meticulously covered to ensure your event shines brighter than ever before. But wait, there's more! Learn why location is the cornerstone of success and how aligning your goals can elevate your event to legendary status.

5 'Must-Haves' Before Booking Speakers & Entertainment

#1: Budget

When booking headline entertainment or speakers, it's crucial to consider not just their fees, but also other expenses like travel, accommodations, production and hospitality. Don't forget their riders, which generally come with the same dollar amount. Your budget should be all-encompassing to ensure a seamless and unforgettable event.

5 'Must-Haves' Before Booking Speakers & Entertainment

#2 Event Date:

Top-tier talents are in high demand, and often snatched up a year in advance! Trust me, if you're eyeing them, others are too. So, circle that event date on your calendar early and be ready to bend if it means locking in your dream performer. Early booking, meticulous scheduling, and a willingness to adapt—those are the keys to securing your star-studded lineup. Stay ahead of the game, stay flexible, and watch your dream talent take center stage at your event!

5 'Must-Haves' Before Booking Speakers & Entertainment

#3: Location, Location, Location!

Knowing the location of your event is paramount as it not only ensures logistical smoothness but also helps in budget management. Consider the venue, the city, and the accessibility for your talent. Providing a desirable location not only enhances their experience but also adds to the overall success of your event. Additionally, strategically booking talent already in the vicinity of the event can significantly slash costs, potentially saving up to 50% by sidestepping travel and accommodation expenses, thus maximizing your budget for other crucial aspects of your event.

5 'Must-Haves' Before Booking Speakers & Entertainment

#4: Talent Requests

It's imperative that every single detail is etched in that contract, clear as day. We're talking not just the performances, but the VIP experiences, the marketing materials, the media interviews, everything possible—before, during, and after the event. This is your moment to shine, to seize those sales opportunities, to connect with your audience on a level that's not just transactional but transformational. Create a timeline that includes marketing initiatives, social media strategies, meet and greets, and VIP experiences. Engage your audience and make them feel connected to your talent every step of the way.

5 'Must-Haves' Before Booking Speakers & Entertainment

#5: Event Goals

OPRAH: And finally, number five, my friends, it's all about the goals. What are your goals for the event? How will the talent or speaker help you achieve those goals? Be clear about your objectives and communicate them effectively to your talent. When everyone is aligned, magic happens, and your event becomes an extraordinary success.

Navigating this process solo can be tricky, leading to costly mistakes and missed opportunities. That's why it's time to call in the experts at Celebrities Unlimited. Let us handle the budget, flexibility, location, talent requests, and goal alignment, so you can focus on crafting unforgettable experiences that'll resonate with your audience for years to come.

Don't wait any longer—reach out to Celebrities Unlimited today and let's make your dream event a reality!


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