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Content is king.

Marketing is queen.

You + Us = the royal family.

Event Marketing & Promotion

Talent buying is a sizable investment. That is why our work reaches far
beyond talent procuring. Our integrated marketing strategy combines
compelling messages and stunning designs to include testing,
analysis, and optimization of the customer journey. We have the
vision, strategy, and experience to elevate a celebrity event into an

unforgettable brand experience.


People are our most important asset.
Event format, presentation, and perspective have dramatically 
shifted. In this new world, an in-depth analysis of your audience is essential to learn how to communicate with the right people at the right time. Our customer profiling process drives the best results from our marketing campaigns, customer engagement, and sales.

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With the focus on your audience and your celebrity advantage, we develop messaging, formats, and performances that create an emotional connection to your brand. Our full-circle approach
builds and maintains momentum before, during, and after your event.


We help build brand equity by
partnering your company with
celebrities, affiliates, advertisers,
and charities open to exploring
mutually beneficial partnerships.

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Our multilayer media strategy pairs
your customers, your brand, and your celebrity's audience across every channel and device. We tailor all content to meet the context of each platform, personalize the user's
experience, engage the entire journey and analyze your impact.


We constantly assess your content,
media, and efficacy of converting
engaged users into customer sales.
We use a unique blend of celebrity
insights, brand awareness, and
creative messaging to exceed your
event goals.

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As a crucial part of clients’ integrated
digital strategies, we look at paid
social programs through an
audience, data, and creative lens to
ensure relevant, meaningful
experiences are being delivered to the right audiences. Our social experts operate with an integrated overall vision, along with key knowledge of the platforms’ increasingly 
sophisticated algorithms and ever- expanding ad formats, to develop highly targeted campaigns that drive engagement and performance.


Where paid promotion may be
perceived as self-serving being
published in third-party media outlets adds to audience perceptions of your credibility. The power of an on or offline editorial remains one of the most powerful and trustworthy tools for sharing your brand's story.

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Our veteran team of Creative
Directors provide pre-event
planning, and onsite management.
With our help, your event will be a
memorable sensation complete with unique performance details,
branded opportunities, VIP guests,
and shareable photo and video ops fit for the ‘gram and beyond.


Your live event is the critical
moment to turn your celebrity
appearance into marketing gold.
Our in-depth industry knowledge
ensures your big day produces
profitable assets that instantly
builds brand, creates local and
national visibility, and inspires
consumer confidence, credibility,
and legitimacy.

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Your success is our success.
Following every event, we will send
you a valuable post-report of your
event marketing performance. Our
reports outline consumer
perspectives and a thorough
analysis of quantitative and

qualitative results. Detailed post-
event data is essential to gauge

your return on investment and key
performance indicators.

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