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I'm ready for my closeup.


Major motion pictures are not made without an A-list celebrity’s involvement. Obviously the reasons are for marketing and massive sales. The same holds true for your event. The presence of a celebrity changes the landscape of your event’s marketing, advertising, and financial success.

Keynote Speakers

Celebrities create connection and raise your brand awareness to unimaginable levels of success and profitability.

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Social Media Influencers

Learn why they are called influencers with the invaluable engagement before during and after your event.


By inviting a celebrity to your event you create a commercial for your company for millions of dollars less.

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Associating with a leading celebrity the easiest way to build your brand. Their fame and popularity instantly becomes your's. A celebrity appearance is the perfect brand endorsement.


Customers buy from who they know,
like, and trust. Celebrities act as an external cue that enable consumers to sift through the tremendous brand clutter in the market, the credibility factor of the celebrity greatly influences the acceptance with consumers.

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Brand Ambassador

Promote and define your brand
without saying a word. We ensure that the match between your brand and the endorser create a strong influence with consumer's thoughts, belief's and perception of your brand.


Unlimited brand fame, status and
awareness that met your brand without overshadowing your visibility. Additionally, we help in creating systems to quantitative and qualitative measure the overall effect of celebrity endorsements on your brands.

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Celebrity Jingles

Writers and performers for you that make your product sing.

Charity Ambassadors

Use their platform for your platform. Celebrities can be spokespersons, board members or even a founder of a charity. Their advertisement will skyrocket your awareness, galas, and fundraising abilities. 

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Celebrity Fashion Models

Celebrities that are the perfect fit for
your clothing brand. From one name to another, "Who Are You Wearing" will make the perfect fashion statement. 

Voice Overs

Trust and credibility come with

the famous voices. From feature film animation, commercial advertisement, to a radio spot, we have the voice they will never forget. 

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Trade Shows

Stand out in any show of visitors
and leads.

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