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To The Medaverse And Beyond

Metaverse Events

From conception to installation, Celebrities Unlimited creates immersive worlds that engage your audience at new levels. Our award-winning custom designs create a unique mix of technology and socializing, bringing an audience-centric approach to your Meta-world.

No hardware, software, or technology experience required! 

Metaverse Benefits

  • Immersive Experiences

  • NFT Integration

  • Unlimited Accessibility

  • Spatialized Audio

  • Data Analysis


Drive your engagement with strategic celebrity metaverse experiences. This advantage provides more engagement for your audience and an increased ROI.


Full Customization

Immerse your audiences in incredible worlds and landscapes. Build your virtual meeting rooms, performance spaces, and conferences. Our diverse team stems from various areas of design including performance, museums, events, immersive theater, digital domes, and interactive installations.

Immersive Branding

The Metaverse moves beyond traditional advertising toward creating brand experiences that are more engaging and exciting than conventional marketing and advertising. Go beyond billboards to branded full worlds.


Increased Engagement

Our diverse Metaverse solutions work across platforms to fit your needs for your increased engagement. We listen to your organization’s need to develop, design, and build your ultimate streaming experience. Our expert metaverse staff uses proven strategies to provide you with the new ways to connect with their audience. 


Unlimited Capacity

The Metaverse can host events of any size, from small team building activities to large corporate anniversaries. Lobbies, waiting rooms, breakout rooms, chatrooms, meeting room can be scaled up or down to meet your team sizes. The Metaverse offers nearly unlimited space for creativity and self-expression.


NFT Integration

Grow and influence your fan base digitally with Celebrity driven NFT marketplace. Celebrities drive all markets, including the digital marketplace. Break new ground with our strategic monetization planning of NFT integrations and revolutionary design planning.

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