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LGBTQIA+ are more than letters, more than an acronym, more than people, they stand for community. A community built by history makers, society groundbreakers, and civil activists, who’s diverse
and courageous stories fill us all with pride.

We Are Family

Mayor, presidential candidate, lawmaker, soldier, teachers, authors, leaders, and a Starbucks barista, all in one family.

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Producers, writers, directors, and entertainment industry game changers

Eye Catching

Food and wine, fashion, culture, design, and grooming experts

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Civil Rights That Are Right


Learn to be yourself

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She’s Not There: A Life of Two Genders author Jennifer Boylan

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Advocacy & Justice

Lay your foundation with the bricks others have thrown

Editor-at-large BuzzFeed, past editor-in-chief Advocate, Zach Stafford


Money is an amazing teacher

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Author, finance expert, host of The Suze Orman Show

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