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Our hips don't lie.

Latin Music

The multicultural inheritance of Latin Music is an integral part
of music history. Rich and complex in diversity and sound, Latin
Music enriches our culture and enhances our experiences.


We love Salsa’s vibrant rhythm,
which include traditional beats
from Cuba and Puerto Rico and
the mixture of mambo and Latin

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The most distinctive ingredients
of Latin music, Tango has become
one of the favorite music genres
in dance halls all over the world.


Merengue is a musical gift from the Dominican Republic and one of the most favorite genre to play in Latin dance parties.

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Latina & Latinx Pop

Latina and Latinx pop stars have crossed continents and infused flavor into every music genre.

Latino Pop

Latino pop artists have created a
mainstream global phenomenon
with a signature sound only Latin
music could create.

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Latin Groups

Relive the soundtrack of your life with bands that make you feel like you are at a concert with the original artists.


Jennifer Lopez, Selena, Gloria
Estefan, and Ricky Martin with
Menduo created the sights and
sounds that changed all worlds.

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From samba and bossa nova to
sertaneja and Brazilian popular
music, Brazilian music has
delivered some of the most famous
Latin music songs in the entire

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