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Stay apart, together.

Coronavirus Experts

As we navigate uncharted waters it is essential to create new ways to work, interact, and entertain. Our carefully curate remote experiences provide insight, tangible advice, and meaningful interactions that elevate the human spirit.


The leading infectious disease
experts answer your critical
questions, share the latest data,
emerging vaccines, and future
course of the pandemic.

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Connect with financial leaders to discuss the landscape of economic interventions they have taken to overcome crises.


In uncertain times, the law becomes
more important than ever. Connect
with the leading legal experts on theexpansive list of topics from policies to protections.

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Technology innovators show the
power of global ingenuity,
highlighting the innovation of new tech and the surprising repurposes for existing technologies.

Business Strategy

"Business as usual" is now a phrase
from the distant past. Learn how to
balance the immediate needs of their customers, employees, and communities, with a return to long-term competitiveness from the world’s leading strategists.

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Travel & Hospitality

The travel and hospitality
industries are experiencing an
unprecedented rupture that
reaches every corner of the globe
and every part of the industry.
Learn what the future of travel
holds for us all.

Science & Pharma

Learn how the global consortium of the life sciences sector is creating new testing practices, treatment and vaccines development, and provide support across healthcare networks.

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Broadway shows and movie
theaters may be closed, but the entertainment industry is
overflowing with access and

Mental Health

One silver lining of the pandemic is
that it is opened the conversation of mental health challenges. Learn the tools need to build a culture of
inclusion, connection, and resilience.

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Restaurants are the heart of many communities. It’s where couples enjoy a date night, families celebrate taco Tuesday, and teams gather for postgame grub. World- famous restauranteurs teach strategies for new ways to serve their communities and feed their businesses.

Marketing & Advertising

Digital experiences will replace in-
person experiences. Some of the new 
habits will become the new normal – even after the crisis passes. Looking ahead, the best companies in the world will prepare now for how to meet the needs of consumers now and when the recovery period begins.

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While the world debates how
sports will return, star
athletes are available for
virtual lessons, keynote
speeches, and pre-game pep talks.


From MC’s for your virtual convention to a laugh to lighten your day, right now,

laughter is truly the best medicine.

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